Chapter 1: Three Weeks Later

  • Setting: A badly damaged shop in the middle of Westopolis
  • Time: Dusk; roughly 6-7pm
  • Characters are introduced and begin to interact until Lawson calls them over to tell them the plan
  • Once the plan is set, they move out

Chapter 2: The Raid

  • The plan to raid a nearby enemy outpost begins
  • The group splits after Lawson scouts the area
    • Group 1 (Lawson): Distraction
    • Group 2 (Astrid): Retrieval
  • Group 2 get the gear and supplies, but are quickly ambushed by Spectre and his shadow warriors
  • Group 1 comes to assist and kills the shadow warriors, Spectre escapes

Chapter 3: Airport

  • Lawson detects a spike in kinetic energy near the Westopolis airport, the group move out to investigate
  • They find Spectre attempting to fly a small aeroplane out of the city
  • They chase, yet Spectre escapes and sends shadow warriors and undead to attack
  • Charlotte suggests they fly another plane after him
  • They find a plane, but it's out of fuel, they begin filling it up
  • They defend for a few minutes before deciding it's full and piling in to chase Spectre

Chapter 4: Mazuri

  • Having lost track of Spectre, the group land in Mazuri
  • Lawson detects more kinetic energy, however, this time it's on a massive scale and is fairly close by
  • The group follow the blip, which leads them to a temple, in the centre is a statue of the Seven Saviours of Mobius
  • The group are then greeted by what they think is a message left by one of the Saviours, Kappa
  • They soon find out it is not when it moves towards Charlotte and says that he is one of her descendants
  • Kappa warns them of Moordenaar's power and that the people it is controlling are not all dead
  • Kappa then tells them that Moordenaar is close by and how they can trap him once more
  • A device is at his location, which when used, can either trap or destroy the entity

Chapter 5:Spectre

  • The group decide to rest in the temple once Kappa leaves
  • They begin hearing strange noises
  • Spectre reveals himself and pounces on one of the characters
  • A battle proceeds
  • Eventually, the kill Spectre
  • After a short rest, the group go to attack Moordenaar

Chapter 6: The Devil Itself

  • The group head for Moordernaar's location, roughly 30 minutes from the temple's
  • Located in a ruin, similar to the temple, a black cloud (Moordenaar) is surprised by their arrival
  • Shadow warriors attack them, but the group quickly split and some go to charge the device
  • The group fully charge the device and go to help the other 2/3 who are being swarmed
  • Moordenaar is then blasted with heat, burning the cells inside the dark cloud, killing the entity once and for all
  • Everyone on Mobius is returned to normal and the shadow warriors dissipate
  • They all return home

Epilogue: The Colonel

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