A full year after the destruction on Mobius and governments are still trying to rebuild their countries and regain the trust of their people. Rebel groups have risen and G.U.N is not at all happy about it. After finding out that one of their agents had been captured and detained, they seek the help of Astrid and Charlotte. However, the two left G.U.N HQ immediately after finding out who the agent was. They set out to save the agent with a little bit of help from one of Astrid's old friends


  • The G.U.N agent (Amelia) is captured, detained and questioned by one of the many rebel groups that are establishing themselves within the United Federation.

Chapter 1: QuestionsEdit

  • Astrid and Charlotte are still in the United Federation after the disaster and G.U.N call them back to HQ so that they can discuss ways to be rid of some of the rebel groups.
  • During the talk, Jacob Lawson states that a very valuable G.U.N agent has been captured by one of the many rebel groups. After asking who this agent was, Astrid was told that it is her sister, Amelia, who she presumed dead. Not knowing that her sister was dead, Charlotte is curious as to why she is so surprised. Astrid, on the other hand is wondering how she lived without telling her sister.

Chapter 2: To WestopolisEdit

  • With help from Charlotte, Astrid heads to Westopolis, where they meet up with Arin just on the outskirts, who agreed to help Astrid. Astrid insists that they must hurry, leaving barely any time for Arin and Charlotte to get acquainted.
  • Heading further into the city, they notice that Moordenaar brought a hell of a lot of destruction with him. The city was nearly reduced to rubble. Very few buildings are still intact. However, despite this, a few rebel gangs now reside here. The biggest group, known as The Convicted, have Amelia prisoner, and Astrid plans to show no mercy.

Chapter 3: Brute ForceEdit

  • Knowing their logo (an image depicting broken handcuffs), Astrid, Charlotte and Arin break into one of The Convicted's strongholds. However, this is not in Astrid's usual style, as she tells Arin to use his psychokinesis to blast down the front door.

Chapter 4: New TargetEdit

Chapter 5: RageEdit

Chapter 6: SistersEdit

Epilogue: AnswersEdit

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