Agent Jacob LawsonEdit

  • In Coup D'état he will be fatally wounded by one of the "Evolved". This wound will infect him with the disease.
  • This disease will turn him fully evil. He will become a main villain.

Arin the MinkEdit

  • He will eventually learn to control his power and learn new abilities along the way.
  • He will develop a romantic interest in Charlotte.

Charlotte the LionessEdit

  • She will turn down an offer from G.U.N Science and Intel.
  • She will develop a romantic interest in Arin.
  • She will obtain a new DMR (Longshot), provided by her father.

Astrid the FoxEdit

  • She will become a more open person over time.
  • She will begin to behave like the average person in social situations over time.
  • She might become the de-facto leader of the Saviours.
  • She will get a new compound bow (Nullus), provided by Prowler Armaments.
  • She will also acquire a new dagger, Velox.


  • The Evolved will try to convert him on multiple occasions, both by peaceful and aggressive means. He will decline every time.

Blake the FoxEdit

  • Will somehow become more significant to the story.
  • In the season 1 finale, his right arm and left hand will be severed and replaced with cybernetics in season 2.
    • His left hand will work as a taser while his right arm will steady his aim and increase his strength with that arm (inspired by Adam Jensen and Jackson Briggs respectively).

Dustin the SableEdit

  • He will obtain Evil's Bane, an old sword that was passed down his family tree until roughly 250 years prior.

Katherine the CatEdit

  • Eventually, she will leave G.U.N without saying so, becoming AWOL.
  • She will obtain new pistols (The Twins) provided by Prowler Armaments.

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