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Story Arc 1: Beginnings (Fanfics)Edit

Birth of the Assassin (Short, Main)Edit

Birth of the Assassin follows the story of how Astrid came to be an assassin. Due to the death of her uncle, Astrid was left homeless and alone. She was quite a distance from any friends she had and so she lived under a bridge near her previous home. She was later found by a mysterious man, who was willing to give Astrid food and shelter if she performed various tasks. At first she believes that these tasks are for the good of the people, but she later finds out that this was not the case.

Lone Wolf (Minor)Edit

Sergeant Jacob Lawson, a field agent for the Guardian Units of Nations' Science and Intelligence Division, tells the story of one of his most difficult missions.

The Firestorm Gem (Main)Edit

An unknown person going by "V" is hunting an ancient artifact known as a Warrior Stone. After obtaining the location of two of the stones, "V" sets off to Soleanna in search of the first. Unluckily for "V", Astrid had overheard him talking to his contact and gained the location of the two Warrior Stones as well. From now on, it was up to her to gather a team to stop this man from using it with bad intentions.

Broker's Lair (Short, Development)Edit

Fifteen years ago, G.U.N lost contact with one of their agents after he was sent on a mission to take out a person going by the name of "The Broker", who was illegally taking information and selling it, as well as providing other, more violent services. The agent was presumed dead. Now, it is up to Jacob Lawson to take out the criminal with the help of an assassin and his new recruit.

The Return: Prologue (Short, Main)Edit

An ancient evil has returned. An evil so fierce, only the best of the best can stop it. Agent Jacob Lawson intends to create a team of experts in an attempt to stop all life on Mobius from being destroyed.

The Return (Main)Edit

Set three weeks after the prologue, The Return follows a group of people that have brought themselves to take out Moordenaar, the entity that is destroying Mobius in an attempt to seek out revenge for his imprisonment. They are out-manned and outgunned and some aren't even trained for combat. The fate of Mobius rests on their shoulders.

Suicide Mission (Short, Development)Edit

A full year after the destruction on Mobius and governments are still trying to rebuild their countries and regain the trust of their people. Rebel groups have risen and G.U.N is not at all happy about it. After finding out that one of their agents had been captured and detained, they seek the help of Astrid and Charlotte. However, the two left G.U.N HQ immediately after finding out who the agent was. They set out to save the agent with a little bit of help from one of Astrid's old friends.

The Artificial Devil (Main)Edit

After being created by one of the many rebel groups in existence after Moordenaar's conquest, this hybrid, half-Mobian, half-Dark Warrior, goes on a blind rampage after waking up, dazed and confused. G.U.N has put up a good fight, but they need the best of the best if they're going to take him down. An assassin, a marksman, an agent, a hunter, a kinetic and a swordsman are called to action to help take down the hybrid.

The Path to Heroism (Main, Build Up)Edit

A set of short stories that eventually lead the main cast to join forces to fight off an evil they thought finished.

Brief ReunionEdit

While Arin trains himself to become better with his kinetic abilities, he finds something he thought he'd never see again.

  • Location: Empire City, United Federation

The TrialsEdit

Dustin goes on a journey to find his ancestor's powerful sword.

  • He has to fight through an army of ethereal beings to reach the sword.
  • Location: Ancient Temple, Shamar

Explosive PotentialEdit

Blake's latest hunting trip begins with a bang.

  • While traveling on board a train, a terrorist act builds up, which Blake has to defuse.
  • Location: Ridgefield, Anglian Island


Katherine is tasked with a dangerous retrieval mission to take back an AI (Camilo) from rebel hands.

  • She gets Camilo and delivers it back to base.


Soleanna's G.U.N base is under siege from rebel forces. Agent Katherine Treske must help flush out the attackers.

  • The base is successfully defended.
  • Location: G.U.N Osiris Base, Emerald Ocean

Hero DevilEdit

Cassius is feared, but is offered a chance to help him become a hero.

  • A robot capable of thinking for itself attacks a city.
  • Location: Nerium City, United Federation


Charlotte must decide what to do now that the world is changing without her.

  • Location: Blue Sea Island, Armonia

It LivesEdit

Astrid discovers a horror she'd never thought of seeing again.

  • Astrid finds Spectre alive and well, unfortunately.
  • Location: Cheto, Hope

New OrdersEdit

Jacob's final mission ends in tragedy.

  • Spectre and Amelia conscript Jacob into their army of undead.
  • Location: The Moire's Crater, Hope


The seven finally rebuild what was lost in order to defend against a new threat.

  • After having their thoughts broken into by an unknown force, the seven meet in the Mazuran temple.
  • Location: Temple of The Seven, Mazuri

Coup D'état (Main, SEASON FINALE)Edit

As royalty is left dead and two armies stand ready for war, seven saviours rise to combat the new threat to Mobius.

  • PLAN: Begin fanfic with the cause of royal death (Jacob kills her in a similar fashion to how Saren killed Nihlus in Mass Effect)

Story Arc 2: War Against Darkness (Fan Game and additional story)Edit

Prologue: Then And NowEdit

Set sixteen months after the events of "Coup D'état", the seven have a place to finally settle down and work as a team. While they settle in though, in an undisclosed location, the new Evolved Queen remembers her old life.

Chapter 1: ThunderstormEdit

Joseph returns as a rebel leader.

The Final DayEdit


  • The Saviours' final assault on Basis begins, alongside G.U.N forces.
  • A chase scene through Basis will occur.
  • Along the way, team members will break off to hold back enemies.
    • First: Dustin and Katherine (vs. Dark Brute)
    • Second: Cassius (vs. Dark Warriors)
    • Third: Blake (vs. Dark Warriors)
    • Fourth: Arin and Charlotte (vs. Jacob)
  • The chase will end in Amelia's throne room and a fight between two sisters will ensue.
  • The two will be at a blade-lock when Amelia eventually gets mortally injured by Spectre.
  • Amelia will die in Astrid's arms, this time, for good.
    • "When the skies call, they must be answered... Goodbye, Astrid" - Amelia's dying words.


Additional StoryEdit

  • Focusing on Charlotte and Arin's relationship
  • Jacob will show up and heavily injure Charlotte
  • This will trigger Arin's 'Verglas Form.

Story Arc 3: EridiaEdit



  • Astrid Alessia
  • Blake Noble
  • Arin Ducan
  • Charlotte Prowler
  • Katherine Treske
  • Dustin Amund
  • Cassius
  • Jacob Lawson (until The Path to Heroism)



  • Spectre (The Return - Present)
  • Amelia Alessia (The Path to Heroism (New Orders) - Present)
  • Jacob Lawson (Coup D'état - Present)


  • The Prophet (Birth of the Assassin)
  • "The Guardian" (Lone Wolf)
  • Joseph "Voltric" Watts (The Firestorm Gem)
  • Agent Rutland (a.k.a, The Broker) (Broker's Lair)
  • Moordenaar (The Return)
  • Rebel Leader (Suicide Mission)
  • Doctor Stroud (The Artificial Devil)
  • Cassius (The Artificial Devil (TEMPORARY))
  • Terrorist Leader (The Path to Heroism (The Train))

Bonus stuffEdit


  • Umbra (Shadow) (Astrid's first dagger)
  • Silentus (Silence) (Astrid's first bow)
  • Velox (Swift) (Astrid's second dagger)
  • Nullus (Non-existent) (Astrid's second bow)
  • Evil's Bane (Dustin's sword)
  • Longshot (Charlotte's DMR)
  • The Twins; The Lord and The Lady (Katherine's pistols)

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