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  • Reens the Hedgehog - During this event last year, I said that an expansion on her history and personality would be nice and gave her a neutral vote. One year on (because I skipped the Winter Awards), I see there's been a revamp. A pretty good revamp, I might add. +1
  • Zaffre Fylloma the Koala - Zaffre is a very different kind of hero, at least compared to most. Most deal with things like "the bad guys" and the "Eggmans". He likes to deal with other things that kill people. I like that +1
  • Marissa FireRose - I'm getting the feeling that Marissa and her twin sister's powers were inspired by Iblis and Mephiles. Aside from that, she doesn't seem to have done anything really heroic. Also, the formatting and grammar on the page is quite messy and difficult to read sometimes. If the creator wants help with this, I'm sure people will be willing to help. Marissa does seem like a promising character, but the lack of heroic-ness and the state of the page means I'm giving this a downvote. Soz. -1
  • Cheeri The Cat - Again, another character with potential but nothing that strikes me as "heroic". Adding more detail to the history about her heroic actions and a detailed personality section would make this page a lot better. Good start, but for now, it's a downvote. -1
  • Cyra The Archer - A very well-written character so far. However, due to the simple "TBA" in the biography section, I'm going to stay neutral for now. (I'm very tempted to change this to an upvote though. Everything on the page so far is clear and concise. I also like her name.)
  • Ali Atesh the Caracal - I like this character a lot. While he is quite boisterous, he's kind and his actions in Central City show his heroic nature. Upvoted. +1
  • Vendeta the Hedgehog - He was happy with defending the Chronosabre rather than using it. When war broke out, he fought for peace rather than control, so he's a hero. Is he a good one? Yeah. Would be nice to learn a little bit more about what the Chronosabre is though. +1

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