NOTE: This is for an in-universe game, not an actual real life game.

Elysium OnlineEdit

Elysium Online is the game within [INSERT NAME HERE] and is a major part of the series. The game is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with first and third person shooter elements. The game is based on the world of Elysium, a world very similar to our own, and contains four continents, each containing many countries.

In-Game BackstoryEdit

In the year 2067, humanity had managed to set up a fully functioning colony on Mars after years of hard work. As their technology became more and more advanced, they began to venture outwards, away from the inner solar system and towards Jupiter and beyond. They colonised everywhere they could within Sol, even going as far out as the dwarf planets. Eventually, technology known as "light drive cores" were created, which allowed space vessels to travel at the speed of light. By 2120, the human race had colonised planets within Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to Sol. By the 2190s, humanity had made it to the star system known as Sirius, approximately 8.6 light years from Sol. Here, archeological teams found something fascinating. These teams had found remnants of a now extinct spacefaring species, including details on how to create faster-than-light drive cores for their ships. Humanity used this information and tried to interpret it to the best of their ability and by 2207, humanity was making their first faster-than-light spacecraft on Mars. When construction on the first ship finished in early 2208, more were planned to be built and colonisation was become much, much easier. Eventually, humanity arrived in the recently discovered Atlantis star system, which included six planet within in with four of them being terrestrial and two gas giants. Of the planets, only one was habitable. This planet was known at the time as Atlantis II, named after it's star's name and it's position within it's system. When a human vessel entered the planet's orbit, they had received a transmission from the first form of civilised alien life that they had encountered. Obviously, the humans did not understand the transmission as it was in the species' native language, therefore, they sent back a transmission in a way that they thought the natives would understand: imagery. Luckily for them, the natives understood and began communicating in that same way. The humans then landed on the planet to discover that, due to it's sheer size, not even half of it was colonised. After exploring the planet, the humans took in it's natural beauty and looked at it as a paradise. This earned it the name of Elysium.

List of LocationsEdit

  • Elysium - The World
    • Arcadia - Human-Controlled Continent
    • Canaan - Cyborg-Controlled Continent
    • Nirvana - Elven-Controlled Continent
    • Zion - Elysian-Controlled Continent

List of Playable SpeciesEdit

In Elysium Online, there are few different species to choose from.

  • Human - After finding the world of Elysium hundreds of years ago, the Human race decided to colonise it as one of their primary worlds. Many have lived there since.
    • Unique Trait: Increased Health
    • Fragile Relationship with: Cyborgs
  • Elf - Native to Elysium, the ever-varying Elven race have only just become a civilised species and are being assisted by humans to bring them into modern society.
    • Unique Trait: Increased Mana
    • Fragile Relationship with: Asaru
  • Ghost - After spending thousands of years living in tunnels deep below Elysium's surface, these "Ghosts" are what is left of an ancient civilisation.
    • Unique Trait: Heightened Vision
    • Fragile Relationship with: Elysians
  • Cyborg - Cyborgs are the result of humanity's attempt to combine technology with living organisms. These experiments were conducted on a sub-civilised extra-terrestrial species, however, only few remained alive. The living ones have been accepted into society, but distrust between them and the Humans have left other species scared.
    • Unique Trait: Increased Strength
    • Fragile Relationship with: Humans
  • Elysian - Native to Elysium, the Elysians are the most advanced native species on the planet, having achieved spaceflight before any other. For many years, the Elysians and Ghosts have not been on good terms since many Ghosts have been setting up make-shift villages on the outskirts of Elysian territories. After achieving spaceflight after the humanity's arrival, the Elysians have come to accept the Humans and live with both them and the Elves peacefully.
    • Unique Trait: Increased Speed
    • Fragile Relationship with: Ghosts
  • Asaru - Native to Elysium, the Asaru are a species that depend solely on others, specifically, the Elves. After taking their technology, food, supplied and more for decades now, the two species highly dislike each other. The Elves consider them a pest.
    • Unique Trait: Increased Stamina
    • Fragile Relationship with: Elves


(* - Means that a weapon can be dual wielded.)

Available To AllEdit

  • Daggers* - Small, light-weight blades that can be easily and speedily concealed and unsheathed.
  • Shortswords* - Small swords that can be swung quicker than longswords at the cost of a lower damage.
  • Longswords - Standard length swords the are larger and heavier than shortswords, but do more damage.
  • Laser Swords - A small, lightweight weapon that emits a high powered laser beam up to a point. It has a high damage, but requires batteries.
  • Batons* - Lightweight melee weapons that do minimal damage unless elementally charged.
  • Bows - Short to medium ranged weapons that do more or less damage depending on the distance between the enemy and the player.
  • Pistols* - A semi-automatic sidearm that does medium damage and has average accuracy.
  • Machine Pistols* - A fully-automatic sidearm that does medium damage and has low accuracy.
  • Sub-Machine Guns - A fully-automatic firearm that does medium damage, has low accuracy, a high fire-rate and medium-high ammo count.
  • Carbines - A fully automatic firearm that does medium-high damage, has average accuracy, an average fire-rate and a medium ammo count.
  • Designated Marksman Rifles - A semi-automatic firearm that does medium-high damage, has high accuracy, a low fire-rate and a medium-high ammo count.
  • Battle Rifles - A fully-automatic firearm that does high damage, has average accuracy, has a medium-low fire-rate and a medium-low ammo count.
  • Laser Rifles - A semi-automatic firearm that does very high damage, has high accuracy, has a very low fire-rate and a very low ammo count.
  • Staffs - Magical weapons that have varying elemental damage or defensive effects.

Warrior ExclusiveEdit

  • Dual Weapons - Gives the player the ability to wield and use two weapons at one time
  • War Axes* - Standard length axes that do more damage than longswords when dual wielded. They are heavier than shortswords.
  • Maces - Heavy and blunt weapons that are heavier and do slightly more damage than longswords, but are light enough to carry.

Soldier ExclusiveEdit

  • Light Machine Guns - A fully-automatic firearm that does high damage, has very low-low accuracy, an average-fast fire-rate and has a high ammo count.
  • Assault Rifles - A fully-automatic firearm that does average damage, has above-average accuracy, an average-fast fire-rate and an average ammo count.
  • Sniper Rifles - A bolt-action firearm that does very high damage, has very high accuracy, has a very low fire-rate and a below-average ammo count.
  • Railguns - An explosive firearm that does immense damage, has average-high accuracy, has the minimum rate of fire and has the minimum ammo count.

Brute ExclusiveEdit

  • Battleaxes - Giant axes that do incredible damage to an opponent, but have very low speed.
  • War Hammers - Giant hammers that do the most melee damage at the cost of having the lowest movement speed.
  • Greatswords - Giant swords that do more damage than maces and longswords, but less than battleaxes. They have the fastest speed of the Brute weapons.

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