There are three class groups within the game; Fighter, Magician and Technophile. Each of these class groups are divided into three subclasses with their own unique trait. A player can choose two specialisations from any of the class groups, for example: A player can choose to be a Warrior and fight with a one-handed weapon and choose to be a Cleric to heal team mates. Classes within the same group can also be chosen, for example: A player can be a Warrior/Soldier and use both one-handed weapons and firearms. Each class has their own unique ability/power, however, if the player chooses to combine classes, only one class's unique ability/power can be used, for example: If someone chose to be a Warrior/Soldier, they could only choose to have either Dual Wield or Heavy Weapons Training.

Fighter ClassesEdit

The Fighter classes are specialised in the use of weaponry for combat, support and defense.

Magic ClassesEdit

The Magician classes are specialised in the use of magic.

Tech ClassesEdit

The Technophile classes are specialised in the use tech abilities.

Combination ClassesEdit

Note: NONE OF THE CLASS NAMES ARE FINAL. Combination Classes are two classes that have been combined to make one. Only two classes can be combined and it cannot be reversed/changed later.

Inter-class CombinationsEdit

Fighter CombinationsEdit

  • Battlemaster - Warrior/Soldier
  • Unnamed - Warrior/Brute
  • Tank - Soldier/Brute

Magician CombinationsEdit

  • Deadly Healer - Mage/Cleric
  • Unnamed - Mage/Defense Magic
  • Unnamed - Cleric/Defense Magic

Technophile CombinationsEdit

  • Unnamed - Damage Tech/Engineer
  • Unnamed - Damage Tech/Defense Tech
  • Unnamed - Engineer/Defense Tech

Extra-class CombinationsEdit


  • Battle Mage - Warrior/Mage
  • Battle Medic - Warrior/Cleric
  • Battle Defender- Warrior/Warlock
  • Combat Mage - Soldier/Mage
  • Combat Medic - Soldier/Cleric
  • Combat Defender - Soldier/Warlock
  • Warlord - Brute/Mage
  • Tank Cleric - Brute/Cleric
  • Tank Defender - Brute/Warlock


  • Assassin - Warrior/Damage Tech
  • Seeker - Warrior/Engineer
  • Unnamed - Warrior/Defender
  • Infiltrator - Soldier/Damage Tech
  • Combat Engineer - Soldier/Engineer
  • Line-holder - Soldier/Defender
  • Unnamed - Brute/Damage Tech
  • Crusher - Brute/Engineer
  • Immovable Object - Brute/Defender


  • Adept - Mage/Damage Tech
  • Unnamed - Mage/Engineer
  • Unnamed - Mage/Defender
  • Electric Healer - Cleric/Damage Tech
  • Protective Healer - Cleric/Engineer
  • Unnamed - Cleric/Defender
  • Shadow - Warlock/Damage Tech
  • Unnamed - Warlock/Engineer
  • Ranger - Warlock/Defender


Shared SkillsEdit

  • Health - Determines how many heath points a player has and how quickly those health points regenerate.
  • Mana - Determines how many mana points a player has, how much they use when casting magic and how quickly the points regenerate.
  • Sight - Determines how far the players radar/mini-map extends to.
  • Strength - Determines how many strength points a player has and how much each inventory item weighs.
  • Speed - Determines how quickly a player can move when in attack mode.
  • Stamina - Determines how many stamina points a player has, how much they use when attacking, sprinting or jumping and how quickly those points regenerate.

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