These are the basic ideas for the universe that I've yet to name.

Rough IdeasEdit

  • Inspired by many FPS, RPG, fantasy and MMO games and the anime, Sword Art Online.
  • Takes place in the near future (2018/2019?).
  • About an MMO that is sweeping the world.
  • Based in various locations around the world and in the MMO world itself.
  • A group of friends (undecided amount) decide to get together to play this game with each other.
  • The game is an MMORPG with shooter elements in a sci-fi fantasy setting.

Name IdeasEdit

(Italicised names are the ones that I particularly like.)

  • Elysium
  • Elysium Online
  • False Reality
  • Unreal Reality
  • Virtual Paradise
  • Second Life
  • Second Reality
  • The Game
  • Elysium Blade
  • Elysian Wonder
  • Elysian Quest
  • Elysian Blades

Game IdeasEdit

Before you ask, no, I'm not making this an actual game.

  • Game Name: Elysium Online
  • MMORPG with shooter elements.
  • Sci-fi fantasy setting in world known as Elysium.
  • A city will act as a main hub and other various towns and cities will be scattered around the map.

List of LocationsEdit

Class systemEdit

There are three class groups within the game; Fighter, Magician and Technophile. Each of these class groups are divided into three subclasses with their own unique trait. A player can choose two specialisations from any of the class groups, for example: A player can choose to be a Warrior and fight with a one-handed weapon and choose to be a Cleric to heal team mates. Classes within the same group can also be chosen, for example: A player can be a Warrior/Soldier and use both one-handed weapons and firearms. Each class has their own unique ability/power, however, if the player chooses to combine classes, only one class's unique ability/power can be used, for example: If someone chose to be a Warrior/Soldier, they could only choose to have either Dual Wield or Heavy Weapons Training.

Fighter ClassesEdit

The Fighter classes are specialised in the use of weaponry for combat, support and defense.

Magic ClassesEdit

The Magician classes are specialised in the use of magic.

Tech ClassesEdit

The Technophile classes are specialised in the use tech abilities.

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