Main CharactersEdit


In order of appearance

  • Jacob Lawson
  • Astrid Alessia
  • Katherine Treske


  • "Shrouded Dealer"


  • Agent Rutland


  • Begins directly after The Firestorm Gem.
  • Lawson details the what happened after Astrid and co left Joseph.
  • The robots he'd be using were bought from someone called "Shrouded Dealer". One of the G.U.N agents managed to use one of the robot's serial numbers to track the payment back to a location in the middle of The Ashlands, Nerevar.
  • Based on her skill, Lawson recruits her to help take down "Shrouded Dealer".

Prologue: EscortEdit

  • Astrid is taken to a G.U.N base with Lawson.
  • Astrid is briefed.

Chapter 1: RookieEdit

  • Astrid and Lawson arrive
  • Lawson is introduced to his new recruit, Katherine, which he dislikes
  • Katherine is confused as to why Lawson dislikes this
  • Astrid and Katherine begin to bond

Chapter 2: Boots on the GroundEdit

  • The team arrive outside The Broker's lair
  • Due to The Broker's hacking ability, they maintain radio silence and stick together
  • They find that the entrance is guarded by a number of security bots, similar to the ones Astrid encountered the previous day
  • The group manage to sneak past undetected
  • They find that entrance is guarded by two more guards, which Astrid eliminates
  • They find that the entrance to the base is deadlock sealed
  • This is when Katherine is revealed to adept at accessing controls without alerting anyone
  • The group successfully enter undetected

Chapter 3: Into the LairEdit

  • Once inside, the group plan their next steps
  • They need to get deeper into the base and, to do so, need to access an elevator which requires a fingerprint
  • They find a Mobian guard and knock him out, then use his fingerprint to gain access
  • Once on the lift, Katherine asks Lawson about her performance, then converse
  • To end the chapter, one of them comments at how slow the lift is (Mass Effect reference)

Chapter 4: AlarmedEdit

  • Once the group reaches the bottom, the doors open and are greeted by two unsuspecting guards
  • One of them sets of an alarm, putting the entire base on high alert
  • The team fight their way through a massive hall with multiple enemy squads contained inside
  • The door to The Broker's office is sealed tight
  • While Katherine hacks, Astrid and Jacob defend
  • After questioning how long it will take, a mech is deployed
  • Astrid and Jacob successfully eliminate the mech and Katherine gains access before reinforcements arrive

Chapter 5: ShowdownEdit

  • As they enter the rather large and empty office, a deep voice greets them
  • The voice identifies all of them
  • After realising the agent became The Broker, The Broker attacks and a boss fight begins

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